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We're here to help schools source, acquire and get immediate benefit from the equipment they need to provide the best teaching environment possible.

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At Funding 4 Education, we understand that all schools are different and that “one size doesn’t fit all!” – As a result, we tailor all of our services to the specific needs of your school. And the 3,500 schools that currently trust us to look after their equipment needs say that’s one of the key points they love about our service.

Empowering Teachers

We empower teachers by helping them to acquire the equipment they need, when they need it, in order to provide the best learning environment possible.

Providing Impartial Advice

Leasing can be a minefield at the best of times. We're here to help guide you through any issues you may come across whilst sourcing your new equipment and to help you decide on the best payment plan for your school.

Enhancing Education

We're here to help teachers, teach. By helping schools acquire the necessary tools and resources, schools are free to focus on the education of their pupils.

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Why do schools choose to lease over buying outright?

Leasing is a powerful tool that schools can use to help them get the equipment they need. Here are some of the core benefits:

Stop waiting for extra budget, and start getting the equipment that your school needs today

Keep a hold of your schools much needed capital budget, and increase your spending power

Keep your school’s equipment up-to-date by simply upgrading your kit at the end of your agreement

Leasing makes it easier to forward plan your budget , as you know exactly what needs to be paid and when

We can work with any supplier you want to use, or if you don’t know who to go to, you can select from our UK network of tried and tested education equipment suppliers

Acquire the equipment you want, not what your capital budget limits you into getting

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